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Join LELB Society and have with us in the fields listed below. Improve your resume or CV by becoming one of the members of our growing team.

LELB Society is run and organized by our professional and growing team around the world. If qualified, you can also join our team and gain all the financial and academic benefits.

Teach any language online.

  1. Teach any language you know, e.g. English, French, Persian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, etc.
  2. Join LELB Society’s team as a teacher and make money for yourself. You can charge your students individually.
  3. Publish any instructional materials under your own profile as the author. You can also promote your social media accounts, e.g. by embedding your posts from your YouTube and Instagram pages.

Teach any skill you already have.

  1. Teach Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so forth.
  2. Teach K-12 courses (the 12 grades at school from kindergarten to college).
  3. Teach Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).
  4. Teach young children with poems, songs and animation.
  5. Teach how to play any musical instrument, e.g. piano, electronic keyboard, guitar, violin, etc.

Note: All your teaching materials and methods will be published in your own name as the author at LELB Society, and we’ll do our best to let you get seen worldwide on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other search engines by optimizing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your articles and teaching materials. In addition, you can publish your video tutorials in our YouTube and Aparat channels with thousands of active subscribers and followers in your own name.

Publish your articles at LELB Society.

  1. Your articles will automatically be enriched with thousands of flashcards, tags or keywords, internal links and podcasts, thus increasing the readability of your articles.
  2. You can publish articles in any language.
  3. We only publish original articles. That is to say, you must be the real author of the articles.
  4. Your articles will be published in your own name as a proud partner of LELB Society.
  5. You can publish articles on the following subjects:
    1. TESL issues
    2. Research conduction
    3. Success and self-improvement
    4. Academic and scientific subjects
    5. IELTS and TOEFL preparation

Transcribe videos into texts.

  1. Provide the text of video documentaries from YouTube so that our students could watch the videos and read the corresponding texts with illustrated flashcards.
  2. We will give you the link to a post with an embedded video documentary from YouTube. Then, using the writing atmosphere at LELB Society, you will transcribe the video.
  3. The length of videos is generally short, and each transcription consists of approximately 250 words.
  4. The posts including your transcriptions will be published in your own name.
  5. This activity can help you tremendously to improve your listening comprehension and expand your vocabulary.

Become a lecturer at LELB Society.

  1. Record your lectures or presentations in English, Persian, French, etc. and send them to us so that we could publish them in your own name in this category. Click here to have more information.
  2. Click here to learn how to give a successful and impressive presentation in any language.

Edit, translate or complete writing projects.

  1. Edit, proofread, revise, translate or compose writing projects, namely IELTS essay, personal statement, statement of purpose, thesis, thesis proposals, CV, resume, etc.
  2. Charge your customers the way you wish without our interference and promote your social media accounts. 

Create educational podcasts with us.

  1. Conduct and record instructive one-to-one interviews with us to publish them on LELB Society’s YouTube or Aparat channels and that of yours for mutual benefits.

Coordinate English tours in Iran.

  • Help us organize our English tours in Iran, e.g. as a tour guide.
  • Act as interpreters, translators, caterers or accommodation providers for our tourists in Iran.

Use your own creativity to cooperate with us.

  • We welcome any other kind of cooperation that is not listed above.

How to join our team

  1. Join LELB Society as a member.
  2. From the top bar of the website, contact us and inform us about your decision.
  3. Go to your profile and complete your biographical information, which is a text field at the bottom of your profile page. Your biographical information appears on the authors’ pages at LELB Society and is indexed by all popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth.
  4. From the top bar, send us your profile photo in 150 x 150 pixel, which will be listed below.

Our Team in Alphabetical Order

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