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Labyrinth 1100 Words You Need Week 17 Day 3

Labyrinth 1100 Words You Need

Labyrinth 1100 Words You Need

/ˈlæb.ə.rɪnθ/ (noun)

  1. a set of confusing and misleading passages where you probably get lost, maze, warren, web, tangle, jumble, muddle
  2. something which is very baffling or confusing, dilemma

Most people are familiar with mazes, especially those built of hedges, such as the famous example at Hampton Court, with their complex patterns of pathways, intended to confuse the visitor. But these mazes are a relatively recent invention, first appearing around 600 years ago in the gardens of royal places and wealthy landowners in late medieval Europe. There also exists another category of mazes, more commonly called labyrinths, which have only one pathway leading from the entrance to the centre, albeit by the most tortuous of routes. These can be traced back over 4000 years and are found worldwide in a number of different forms.


Eerie images capture a fearless photographer’s journey through labyrinth of underground tunnels in Russia and Poland


These labyrinthine tunnels are where the Nazis could have concealed a train filled with treasure. As if to emphasize the importance of the hiding place, the walls of the chamber and the connecting tunnel were once rigged with high explosives. Even today, some of the charges probably remain.



labyrinthine: intricate, complicated, like a maze or labyrinth

Farsi: لابيرنت ،دخمه پرپيچ وخم ،ماز، پلکان مارپيچ ،(مج ). پيچيدگى ،چيز بغرنج

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