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Propriety 1100 Words You Need Week 41 Day 3

Propriety 1100 Words You Need Week 41 Day 3

Propriety 1100 Words You Need Week 41 Day 3

/prəˈpraɪə.ti/ (noun)

the quality of being socially acceptable, appropriate behavior, rules of etiquettes, modesty, good manners, respectability, decency, aptness, correctness, appropriateness, suitability, rightness, protocol, curtesy, rectitude

Propriety in Adam Smith is mysterious and yet approachable. The reader of The Theory of Moral Sentiments (TMS) finds that a sense of propriety is important to every instance of sympathy. Since Smith holds that all moral sentiments relate to a sympathy, all moral sentiments involve a sense of propriety, too. Through many wondrous formulations, the reader finds, again and again, propriety playing a central role. There is much to say on the topic, but in this essay and in a later follow-up, I will offer just a few simple pointers on propriety in Adam Smith.

Source: https://www.adamsmithworks.org/

Antonym: impropriety

Adjective: proper

Adverb: properly

Noun: proprieties

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