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Coy Definition in Context with Images – Visual Dictionary

Coy definition in context with images in visual dictionary and thesaurus for advanced ESL students.

/kɔɪ/ (adj)

Coy definition

(usually of women) pretending to be shy or modest, timid, bashful, diffident, coquettish, pretentiously shy, reserved, self-effacing, reticent, unassured, demure

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Coy in context

A friend (who likes me) called me coy. What does he mean by this?

Being called coy is not a compliment. It means you are pretending to be shy or naive but you’re clearly not. That you’re acting like you don’t know about things that anyone your age would know. That you are sending mixed messages to other people about being interested in them. Some people think that kind of behavior is really cute, but most adults find it annoyingly immature.

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Parts of speech

Noun: coyness

Adverb: coyly

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