Definition of Demure in Visual Dictionary

Definition of Demure in visual dictionary with real examples and many synonyms. All those synonyms per se have been used in real context with illustrations. /dɪˈmjʊəʳ/ (adj) Definition looking modest and shy, well-behaved and quiet, diffident, timid, coy, bashful, reserved, meek, unassertive, reticent, decorous, unassured, sedate, retiring Example In the past, In public. of course, … Read more

Diffident GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Diffident GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈdɪf.ɪ.dənt/ (adj) lacking confidence, shy, timorous, bashful, backward, reticent, unassuming, demure, coy, unconfident, self-effacing, meek, timid, retiring, reserved, humble, unobtrusive, hesitant, self-doubting, insecure Shyness can truly hold people back–partly because those who are shy and diffident tend to avoid public situations and speaking up, and partly because they experience so much … Read more

Taciturn GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Taciturn GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈtæs.ɪ.tɜːn/ (adj) talking little or silent by nature, reticent, reserved, quiet, shy, laconic, uncommunicative, introverted, withdrawn, mute, untalkative, dumb Sometimes it’s easy to spot the introverts. In large groups, we “quiet and taciturn ones” can usually be found just listening and observing. We shun small talk and try to speak only … Read more

Lily-livered 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 4

Lily-livered 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 4 Lily-livered 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 4 /ˌlɪl.iˈlɪv.əd/ US /-ɚd/ (adj) cowardly and weak, gutless, timid, unmanly, lacking courage, shy, fearful, timorous, diffident, reticent, retiring, faint-hearted, apprehensive, hesitant A jealous boyfriend has been found guilty of killing his ex-partner and her unborn baby in … Read more

Reticent 1100 Words You Need Week 2 Day 1

Reticent 1100 Words You Need Reticent 1100 Words You Need /ˈret.ɪ.sənt/ US /ˈreţ.ə-/ (adj) Reticent definition unwilling to speak about your thoughts or feelings, quiet, restrained, uncommunicative, taciturn, silent, reserved: Example Most of the students were reticent about answering questions. Antonyms talkative, verbose, voluble Parts of speech Noun: reticence Adverb: reticently