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Sentient GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Sentient GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈsen.tɪ.ənt/ /ˈsen.tʃənt/ (adj)


aware and conscious, feeling and perceiving the atmosphere around you, perceptive, alive, cognizant, reactive, intelligent, alert, responsive, sensitive, sensible, animate, thinking, au courant


Non-odontogenic facial pain can be caused by inflammation due to tumor, infection, or trauma. Topographical classification is often applied to this complex region. Regions often presenting as orofacial pain complaints include the sinuses, salivary gland, ears, eyes, and throat. Often in patients who are still sentient with chronic orofacial pain there will be multiple causes of discomfort. Thus dental knowledge is crucial in order to exclude common and easily treated odontogenic causes of pain.



inanimate, unaware, irresponsive, unresponsive

Parts of speech

Noun: sentience

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