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Session 5:

Session NO.: #5
 Session Name: (A Session of Intimacy)
 Topic: “How to Develop People Skills?”
o Suggested Key Words: people skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, verbal and nonverbal communication, body language, etc.
o Developed by: “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”

 Activities:
1. Season of Reason: Among the questions listed below, concentrate on Question “2”. Then attempt to come up with as many cogent reasons as possible to support your viewpoint in 2 minutes (Brainstorming). Finally, prepare to get into a heated argument with your classmates
2. Photo Scanning: Look at the photo below carefully. Try to find as much evidence as you can to support the following notion:

>> The little girl is suffering from social phobia. <<<
Conversation Handout
Learn English to Live Better (LELB Society) WWW.LELBS.COM
 Questions:
1. What is the significance (if any) of mastering people skills in today’s life?
2. What is the difference between having sympathy and empathy with other people, and which one is superior over the other?
3. Are extroverted people necessarily better than the introverted at forging successful relationships with other people?
4. If a person is rather weak at developing and maintaining channels of communication with others, can he/she master this skill? In other words, are people skills learnable?
5. What happens if you fail to interact properly with other people?
6. Discuss some effective techniques for optimizing your verbal communication skills.
7. Mention some effective ways through which you try to communicate with others nonverbally.
 Quotations and/or Ideas:
1. “The greatest of all arts is the art of living together.” (Anonymous)
2. “Damaged people are dangerous.” (Anonymous)
3. “Expecting tactfulness and logic of illogical, philistine and uncivilized people is among the greatest imperfections.” (Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl)
4. “The eyes of men converse as much as their tongues.” (Anonymous)
 Related Idioms:
1. To carry the day: to win the approval of the majority of people
2. Might is right: used to say that powerful people or countries wield power or influence in the world
Conversation Handout
Learn English to Live Better (LELB Society) WWW.LELBS.COM
3. Name-dropping: the act of mentioning the names of important and famous people in order to impress other people


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