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Site 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 1

Site 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 1

Site 1100 Words You Need Week 34 Day 1

/saɪt/ (noun & verb)

a place where something happens or is to be built, place where something stands, place of significant event, location, spot, position, website, to position something, to exist or be built in a particular place, to put, to place, to situate, locate, establish, set

There is always a solution for building on sites with difficult access, it’s simply a matter of careful planning in the early stages.

In many cases, lifestyle blocks, coastal sites and sections where there is steep terrain, surrounding buildings or natural features are the sites that require careful consideration about access.

Having clear access to a site is an important part of the building process. It allows for the smooth and unimpeded delivery and installation of materials – especially larger or heavy construction materials. When access is difficult and hasn’t been well planned from the beginning, logistical problems can mount up and result in costly delays.


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