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Taboo 1100 Words You Need Week 24 Day 2

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Taboo 1100 Words You Need

Taboo 1100 Words You Need

/təˈbuː/ (adj, noun & verb)

Adjective: socially prohibited, forbidden, unacceptable, culturally forbidden, eccentric, unorthodox, banned, barred, unmentionable, outlawed, offensive, distasteful

Noun: something that is prohibited or avoided for religious or social considerations, forbidden or prohibited behavior or action, prohibition, restriction, ban

Verb: discourage or forbid something, prohibit, ban, bar, proscribe

The concept of “taboo,” be it about behaviors, categories or simply topics of discussion, is all about boundaries. Respecting boundaries is a key component of being a considerate human being. This life skill is essential for a work setting, where an awareness of and a sensitivity to taboo topics is necessary for being both a better coworker and employee.

Source: https://fairygoddboss.com/

Antonyms: acceptable

Farsi: حکم تحريم ،محرم، تابو، منع يا نهى مذهبى ، حرام شمرده

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