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Militate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Militate GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈmɪlɪteɪt/ (verb)


to be an influential factor in preventing something, change, tend to prevent, affect, work against, influence, exert influence, hinder, impede, have an effect on, discourage, act on, be detrimental to, weigh


Factors militating against gender mainstreaming in Nigeria

Nigeria is essentially a patriarchal society. This entails that women are marginalized and subordinated to men in all aspects of life. Furthermore, the wellbeing, interests and overall issues affecting men are given priority over and above that of women. Yet, women constitute about a half of the Nigerian populace. Thus, they could be rightly described as a significant but neglected segment of the society.



be conducive to, facilitate, enable, encourage, support

Parts of speech

Adjective: military

Adverb: militarily

Adjective: militant

Noun: militant

Adverb: militantly

Noun: militancy

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