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Injunction meaning in authentic passages and real context from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with text-to-speech functionality and images. Learn the word, injunction, in real context with illustrations. /ɪnˈdʒʌŋk.ʃən/ (noun) Injunction meaning an official order issued by a court of law prohibiting someone from doing something or requiring

Prohibition 1100 Words You Need Week 24 Day 2

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Prohibition 1100 Words You Need Prohibition 1100 Words You Need /ˌprəʊ.hɪˈbɪʃ.ən/ (noun) the act of forbidding or banning someone or something, stop someone from doing something, exclusion, proscription, prevention, ruling out, veto The Eighteenth Amendment (Amendment XVIII) of the United States Constitution established the prohibition of alcohol in the United States. The amendment was proposed

Taboo 1100 Words You Need Week 24 Day 2

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Taboo 1100 Words You Need Taboo 1100 Words You Need /təˈbuː/ (adj, noun & verb) Adjective: socially prohibited, forbidden, unacceptable, culturally forbidden, eccentric, unorthodox, banned, barred, unmentionable, outlawed, offensive, distasteful Noun: something that is prohibited or avoided for religious or social considerations, forbidden or prohibited behavior or action, prohibition, restriction, ban Verb: discourage or forbid