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Avoid – English Flashcard for Avoid with Synonyms

Avoid English Flashcard LELB Society

Avoid Avoid (verb) /əˈvɔɪd/ to keep away from somebody or something – manage to stop doing something, keep away, prevent, stay away from, steer clear, dodge, evade, escape You should really avoid smoking after your open heart surgery. Antonyms: face, promote Noun: avoidance Noun: avoider Adjective: avoidable Adverb: avoidablyRead more

Refrain – English Flashcard for Refrain for IELTS

Refrain - English Flashcard for Refrain - LELB Society

Refrain Refrain (noun & verb) /rɪˈfreɪn/ verb: to hold back from doing something – avoid – stop – desist, cease, hold back, abstain Noun: repeated verse or line in a poem, catch phrase, chorus Please refrain from cheating in the exam. Antonym: persist Noun: refrainmentRead more

Abjure – English Flashcard for Abjure with Synonyms

Abjure - English Flashcard for Abjure - LELB Society

Abjure Abjure (verb) /əbˈdʒʊəʳ/ to state publicly that you no longer hold a previous belief – renounce – give up a belief – shun – avoid – deny – repudiate – abstain from – reject – refrain: To everybody’s chagrin, he openly abjured any fraternity and affinity with his close friends.Read more