Symmetry Definition in Context with Images

Symmetry definition in context with images from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student in authentic context with illustrations and parts of speech. Learn the word, symmetry, in real passages and improve your reading comprehension as well. /ˈsɪm.ə.tri/ (noun) Symmetry definition (especially in mathematics and geometry) the quality of having two identical or similar parts … Read more

Mellifluous Definition & Synonyms – 601 Words

Mellifluous definition and synonyms from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with antonyms and illustrations. Improve your reading and listening comprehension with the word, mellifluous. /melˈɪəs/ (adj) Mellifluous definition (of a sound) pleasant and dulcet, sweet-sounding, having a smooth rich flow, honeyed, soothing, pleasantly flowing and smooth, mellow, silky, … Read more

Incompatibility 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 1

Incompatibility 1100 Words You Need Incompatibility 1100 Words You Need /ˌɪn.kəmˌpæt.ɪˈbɪl.ɪ.ti/ (noun) the state of not being able to coexist or work with another person or thing, incongruence, mismatch, discordancy, lack of harmony, inharmoniousness, inconsistency Todd Palin has filed for divorce from Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and GOP vice presidential candidate, citing … Read more

Harmony – English Flashcard for Harmony for IELTS

Harmony Harmony (noun) /ˈhɑː.mə.ni/ US /ˈhɑːr-/ friendly agreement among people – accord – pleasant combination of musical sounds – musical notes played together in agreement – synchronization – coherence, coordination, congruence, agreement, concord In this organization, all the staff work in perfect harmony. Antonym: discord Verb: harmonize