Pension- English Flashcard for Pension with Synonyms

Pension Pension (noun & verb) /ˈpent.ʃən/ noun: a regular amount of money paid by the government or a private company to someone who can no longer work due to old age, disability, etc. – retirement fund – retirement pension, fixed income, social security, annuity: They couldn’t make ends meet by solely depending on their basis … Read more

English Presentation Alzheimer’s Disease

English Presentation Alzheimer’s Disease English Presentation Alzheimer’s Disease How to Give a Significant Presentation Write the script of your Lecture: Noun1. a formal talk on a serious or specialist subject given to a group of people, especially students: We went to a lecture on Italian art. Who’s giving the lecture this afternoon? 2. an angry or serious talk … Read more

Job Satisfaction | An IELTS Essay Sample

Job Satisfaction | An IELTS Essay Sample Job Satisfaction | An IELTS Essay Sample ? Topic: Earning a relatively high salary seems to be the most important factor of job satisfaction in the eyes of young job applicants. To what extent do you agree with this point of view? Please provide reasons for your claim. … Read more

Essay 13:

Topic: In some countries, the average worker is obliged to retire at the age of 50, while in others people can work until they are 65 or 70. Until what age do you think people should be encouraged to remain in paid employment? Give reasons for your answer.

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