Agnostic Definition in Context from 601 Words

Agnostic definition in real context with synonyms from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Learn the word, agnostic, about religion and improve your reading comprehension at the same time. /ægˈnɒs.tɪk/ (adj & noun) Agnostic definition someone who does not know whether God exists, doubting someone who denies that something … Read more

Nihilism – Definition & Example in Real Context

Definition of nihilism with illustration and in authentic context for advanced EFL students and SAT / ACT candidates /ˈnaɪ.ə.lɪ.zəm/ (noun) Definition total rejection of established social mores, principles or conventions particularly morality, nothingness, negativism, cynicism, pessimism, emptiness, denial, atheism, anarchism, agnosticism, skepticism, disbelief Example Nihilism is a philosophy, or family of views within philosophy, that … Read more

Cynical – English Flashcard for Cynical for IELTS

Cynical Cynical /ˈsɪn.ɪ.kəl/ (adj) pessimistic about people’s intentions, skeptical, negative, distrustful, sarcastic and mocking, contemptuous, scornful: They were cynical about the team`s chance of winning the championship. Noun: cynic: pessimist, skeptic, doubter, misanthropist Noun: cynicism, cynicalness Adverb: cynically

Free English Webinar on Positive Thinking

Free English Webinar on Positive Thinking Free English Webinar on Positive Thinking Shifting mental focus Our perception of the world is defined by our mind’s interpretation of the events. Every single event has ups and downs. Therefore we can train our mind to focus on the bright side and avoid sticking to the negative side. … Read more