Monotony GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Monotony GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /məˈnɒt.ən.i/ (noun) Definition unvarying condition which causes boredom and tedium, drone, tediously the same, dullness, humdrum, tediousness, flatness, monotonousness, repetitiousness, lack of variety, uneventfulness, monotone, wearisomeness Example There are things we can do to break out of the cycle of monotony. Much of what happens to us and how we react … Read more

Onerous GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Onerous GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈəʊ.nər.əs/ (adj) Definition demanding and difficult to do, arduous, strenuous, oppressive, hard, tiring, back-breaking, time-consuming, laborious, tedious, effortful, exhausting, cumbersome, taxing, herculean, formidable Example 10 ways to cope with a demanding and onerous workload It can be easier said than done when you’ve got 101 things to do, but remaining organised … Read more

Uneventful 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 31

Uneventful 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 31 /ˌʌn.ɪˈvent.fəl/ (adj) boring and uninteresting, lackluster, tedious, monotonous, unexciting, ordinary, humdrum, everyday, dull, predictable, mundane I was 1 day away from Nha Trang so I set off just before lunch and with another uneventful day on the Vietnamese highway under my belt, I cycled through a far bigger … Read more

Vapid 1100 Words You Need Week 40 Day 3

Vapid 1100 Words You Need Week 40 Day 3 Vapid 1100 Words You Need Week 40 Day 3 /ˈvæp.ɪd/ (adj) lacking imagination or intelligence, stupid, unchallenging, uninspiring, unstimulating, colorless, uninteresting, uneventful, boring, dull, flat, tedious, unexciting, unimaginative, lifeless, trite, lacking favor or taste, tasteless, insipid, tame, favorless, bland The results are bleak. In the American … Read more

Menial 1100 Words You Need Week 32 Day 3

Menial 1100 Words You Need Menial 1100 Words You Need Week 32 Day 3 with authentic materials and examples, synonyms, antonyms, illustrated flashcards and text-to-speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS /ˈmiː.ni.əl/ (adj) (of a work or job) with low prestige and very boring or tiring, a job that does not require specific skills, unskilled, tedious, … Read more

Mundane 1100 Words You Need Week 3 Day 4

Mundane 1100 Words You Need Mundane 1100 Words You Need /mʌnˈdeɪn/ (adj) very ordinary and therefore not interesting, dull, routine, everyday, commonplace, boring, unexciting, humdrum, uneventful, dreary, monotonous, tedious, uninteresting, banal, platitudinous, of this world, worldly: Mundane matters such as paying bills and shopping for food do not interest her. antonym: exotic Fre: banale Fa: … Read more

Pedestrian – English Flashcard for Pedestrian for IELTS

Pedestrian Pedestrian (adj & noun) /pəˈdes.tri.ən/ noun: someone traveling or walking on foot esp in cities where there are cars, walker, rambler, on foot The pedestrian wearing headphones was hit on the crosswalk by a careless driver. adj: too ordinary and dull, not interesting or exciting, prosaic, humdrum, unimaginative I fell asleep in the middle … Read more

English Essay 34: Tourism

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