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The Eagle and the Fox from Aesop with Video & Vocabulary

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The Eagle and the Fox from Aesop’s fables with video and vocabulary in real context

The Eagle and the Fox is now in the public domain available at: Gutenberg Project

Video of The Eagle and the Fox

The Eagle and the Fox

An eagle and a fox became great friends and determined to live near one another: they thought that the more they saw of each other, the better friends they would be.

  • determined: strong-minded, resolute
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The Eagle and the Fox from Aesop with vocabulary

So the eagle built a nest at the top of a high tree, while the fox settled in a thicket at the foot of it and produced a litter of cubs.

  • settle in: to live in a new and comfortable place and stay there for a long time
  • thicket: thick growth of bushes and small trees, undergrowth

داستان شیر و روباه و گوزن برای آموزش زبان فارسی به کودکان و نوجوانان به همراه ویدیو و لیست واژگان

One day, the fox went out foraging for food, and the eagle, who also wanted food for her young, flew down into the thicket, caught up the fox’s cubs, and carried them up into the tree for a meal for herself and her family.

  • forage: to go around searching for food

داستان فارسی کوتاه عقاب، گربه و خوک برای آموزش آنلاین زبان فارسی

When the fox came back, and found out what had happened, she was not so much sorry for the loss of her cubs as furious because she couldn’t get at the eagle and pay her out for her treachery.

  • furious: angry
  • treachery: deceit, treason, betrayal

داستان فارسی روباه دم بریده با ویدیو برای آموزش زبان فارسی به کودکان و نوجوانان

So she sat down not far off and cursed her. But it wasn’t long before she had her revenge. Some villagers happened to be sacrificing a goat on a neighboring altar, and the eagle flew down and carried off a piece of burning flesh to her nest.

  • to curse: to use bad language and swear
  • revenge: retaliation, payback

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There was a strong wind blowing, and the nest caught fire, with the result that her fledglings fell half-roasted to the ground. Then the fox ran to the spot and devoured them in full sight of the eagle.

  • fledgling: newly hatched chickens, young offspring
  • devour: to eat something greedily and hastily

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