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Divine GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Divine GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/dɪˈvaɪn/ (adj & verb)


Verb: to predict or foresee something supernaturally, augur, foretell, surmise, presume, recognize, discover, intuit, deduce, guess, conjecture, presage, discern, realize

Adjective: godly or related to a god, seraphic, saintly, deific, holy, godlike, angelic, celestial, heavenly


How did I become interested in telling fortunes? I am asked this question frequently; I find it difficult to answer, but I recall a couple of years ago reading a book about Jeane Dixon, the Washington, D.C. seer who divined and tried to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. Apparently when Mrs. Dixon was very young she was taken to a gypsy fortune-teller who was astounded at the young girl’s palm, for it gave every indication that she would become a great forseer of the future. Mrs. Dixon still has and uses a crystal ball given to her by the gypsy at that time.



earthly, mundane, worldly (adj)

Parts of speech

Noun: divinity

Noun: diviner

Noun: divination

Noun: divineness

Adverb: divinely

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