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Best Webinar on Transforming Your Life – 10 Vital Points

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Listen to this English webinar on transforming your life attended by LELB Society’s members together with the transcript of the recorded video. LELB Society’s students’ contributions in the form of précis / summary writing, questions, comments, and the like.

Watch this YouTube playlist to access our recorded webinars.

English webinar on transforming your life

Webinar transcript

Dr. Hariri

Transforming your life means transcending your life and going beyond the ordinary aspect(s) of your life. Life transformation is not that difficult if you continue the trend bit by bit. The narrator prescribes 101 ways to transform your life as listed below:

  1. Change your thoughts and language to change your life. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by an invisible or divine intelligence in the universe.
    • Put trust in God and do your best.
  2. The door to maximum awareness is inward.
    • Practice meditation in silence and quietness and listen to your inner speech.
  3. Everything is based on a purpose.
    1. Look inward and appreciate your blessings, including your body and health.
    2. Don’t be judgmental.
  4. Appreciate the beauty around you.
  5. Be peaceful and meditate.
  6. Forgive yourself for any kind of transgression.
    • Release yourself from your missteps.
    • Don’t criticize yourself over and over.
    • Forgive your past.
  7. When you seek happiness for yourself, it will always elude you, but when you seek happiness for others, you will always have an abundance of it.
  8. Remove all your enemies. We’re all here for a reason. Don’t fragment people.
  9. Forget about impossibilities.
    • Don’t be a cynic and pessimistic person.
    • Think outside the box.
  10. Communication brings peace.
    • Grief is a poison.
    • Express yourself. Talk with people about your feelings. It will release turmoil and negative thoughts and energies.
  11. Don’t be too materialistic.
    1. Too much materialism causes extreme anxiety.
    2. This perspective encourages you to share more with people unconditionally.
    3. Be generous and ready to give away things that you don’t use.
    4. And don’t show off or tell others that you’ve done it.
  12. Be content with what you are. Don’t be a people pleaser.
    • You have the right to be who you are as long as it does not hurt others.
  13. What you think will expand. So, think of something that is positive and nourishing to you. Your thoughts create your reality. So, positive thoughts would lead to positive reality for you.
  14. If you like to be peaceful, discard this notion that “more is better”.
  15. To be more and more blissful, keep in mind that you need to stay close to nature as far as you can in one way or another.


16: Your life is the product of all of the choices that you have made until now. So you are the creator of your life and you should not blame anyone else for your choices.

Dr. Hariri

17: Love your neighbors as you love yourself.
18: Practice the principle of “here and now”. Live in the moment and exercise “carpe diem”.
19: Don’t be so fussy about future. Enjoy the present time.
20: Delegate some tasks to others. Don’t be bossy and pushy.
21: Affirmation: I’m sometimes just an eye-witness of the things. Don’t criticize yourself over and over.
22: Be conscious of your thoughts. Exercise metacognition and mindfulness.
23: Tame your ego. Do not overuse the pronoun “I”.

24: Do not limit yourself to anything. You are an eternal spirit.
25: Overcome any foul temptation or addiction that works against you.
26: Release guilt and forgive yourself no matter what. Guilt is a waste mental energy. Remember that you shall not cry over the split milk.


27: You are eternal and ageless and do not think about death.
28: It is better to judge yourself rather than others.
29: Give yourself a moment of silence and calm down.
30: Try to be kind and do not insist on being right.
31: Do not use exaggeration in order to be regarded as an important person.
32: Chase the things that bring about peace.
33: When you see someone who has more possessions or qualities than you, try to send them love rather than assessing them.
34: Try to use the vocabularies that do not encompass doubt. For instance, use the words like “absolutely” and “definitely” instead of saying the word “probably”.
35: If you love somebody in your life, do not hesitate to tell them your sentiments.
36: The past is over and do not blame yourself for your previous deeds.

Dr. Hariri

37: Don’t give your ears to any pessimistic thoughts about your real potential.
38: Practice loving others unconditionally, verbally, pragmatically and incessantly.
39: Don’t do your job as an automaton or robot. Instead, act as if you have a mission to fulfill.
40: Exercise generous and unconditional altruism. Do others a favor, but don’t expect any return of them.
41: Try to live in the moment. Be still and know. Focus on the “here and now” principle.

42: Get away from routine turmoil and consider some time for yourself on a daily schedule.
43: Treasure the awe in everything around you.
44: Help others unconditionally to fight against your ego.
45: Focus on the positive aspects of the people around you.

46: Keep a journal.

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