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انگلیسی پایه هشتم درس ششم با ویدیو و تمرین تلفظ واژگان

انگلیسی پایه هشتم درس ششم به همراه ویدیو و پادکست آموزشی مناسب برای آموزش واژگان انگلیسی در متن و تمرین تلفظ درست واژگان تدریس شده توسط دکتر محمد حسین حریری اصل، دکترای آموزش زبان انگلیسی با گرایش آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی

ویدیوی انگلیسی پایه هشتم درس ششم

Lesson 6


Listen to Sam and Hamid talking about a village.

Sam: Where are you from, Hamid?
Hamid: Ghez-ghal’eh.
Sam: Where is it?
Hamid: It’s a village in West Azarbaijan, near the city of Khoy.
Sam: What’s it like?
Hamid: It’s a mountain village with many trees and flowers.
It’s famous for its sunflower fields.
Sam: What’s the people’s job?
Hamid: They work on farms and raise animals.
Sam: What about the weather?
Hamid: There’s a lot of wind in summer, fall and winter.
It’s very cold from Aban to Farvardin.
Sam: It sounds to be a very interesting place.

Practice 1 Talking about a Place (1)

What is Ghez-ghal’eh like?
Is it near the city?
What is it famous for?
What’s the people’s job?
It’s a mountain village.
Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.
It’s famous for its sunflower fields.
They work on farms and raise animals.

Practice 2 Talking about a Place (2)

Are there any fields?
Is there a river?
Is there a mountain?
Are there many people in the village?
Yes, there are.
No, there isn’t.
Yes, there is.
No, there aren’t.

Practice 3 Talking about the Weather and Seasons

What’s the weather like in Ghez-ghal’eh?
What about the weather?
Is it cold in winter?
Is there much rain in spring?
It’s windy/sunny/rainy/snowy in summer.
It’s hot/cold/warm/wet/dry.
Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t.
Yes, there is./ No, there isn’t.

New words

a field
a river
a mountain
a plow
a tractor

Spelling and Pronunciation

Listen to the conversation between a student and her English teacher.
Student : Can you help me, madam?
Teacher : Yes, what’s the problem?
Student: How do you say T-H? Is it the same in all words?
Teacher : No, it’s sometimes different.
Student : Can you give me some examples?
Teacher: Yes, in ‘there’, ‘this’, and ‘they’, it’s /ð/.
In ‘north’, ‘south’, ‘thank’, and ‘three’, it’s /θ/.
Student : Thank you.

Can you say and write some other words with ‘th’?

Reading, Speaking and Writing

Pair Work

Student A:
Look at the card on Page 65 and answer student B’s questions.
Student B:
Look at the card on Page 93 and answer student A’s questions.

Ask and answer about the place and fill out the cards. Can you guess the name of the place?

Role Play

Pair Work

Student A:
Imagine you are a tourist. Think of some questions and ask your classmate about a village.
Student B:
Think of some information about the village and answer your classmate’s questions.
Then change roles.

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