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Condescend 1100 Words You Need Week 30 Day 2

Condescend 1100 Words You Need

Condescend 1100 Words You Need Week 30 Day 2 with authentic materials, synonyms, antonyms and illustrated flashcards for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

/ˌkɒn.dɪˈsend/ (verb)

to agree to do something unwillingly because you consider yourself to be more socially important than the task, snub, humiliate, talk down, look down on, disdain, show your superiority, deign, lower yourself, humble, demean

Stripped of its discussion of globally assimilated business practices, global partnership could be perceived as a rather obvious inversion of the kind of industrial aid and assistance the US gave Japan following World War II. The notion has inherent problems, not the least of which is that the American side could perceive Japanese efforts as condescending and an indirect approach to what seem to be relatively concrete problems of market share and access concerning the Japanese market.

Source: https://core.ac.uk/

Antonyms: respect, look up to

Adjective: condescending

Adverb: condescendingly

Noun: condescension

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