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Supercilious Definition and Synonyms from 601 Words

Supercilious definition and meaning with synonyms, antonyms and illustrations from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your exam in real context for GRE candidates.

/ˌsuː.pəˈsɪl.i.əs/ (adj)

Supercilious definition

acting in a condescending way indicative of self-importance or narcissism, arrogant, too proud, disdainful, conceited, lordly, pompous, haughty, overbearing, superior, imperious, contemptuous, with contemptuous superiority, snobbish


The Hubris and superciliousness of Will Smith
Because he’s so great?
Um… I don’t know how great you are, Will Smith. I mean, you’ve kind of been doing a Howdy Doody act this whole time, obviously, pretending to be this super nice guy on screen, when you really are a rascal just like the rest of us.
But your hubris and arrogance make you not quite like the rest of us.
Who among us would dare to break the fourth wall in reverse that way, and in a public performance, step onto the stage, shattering the illusion of “presentation”, and punching or slapping the performer in the face?

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Antonyms of supercilious

meek, humble

Parts of speech

Noun: superciliousness

Adverb: superciliously

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