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Electronic Books | A Presentation in English

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Electronic Books | A Presentation in English

Electronic Books | A Presentation in English

LELB Lecturer: Fatemeh

Listen to this presentation.

Questions about the Presentation:

  1. Which books do you prefer more, eBooks or traditional books?
  2. What are eBooks?
  3. Which devices or platforms do you need to read your eBooks?
  4. Why do people show more inclination to use eBooks in place of printed books?
  5. How can eBooks be more environmentally friendly?
  6. Enumerate the numerous advantages of using eBooks?
  7. What are some of the special features of eBooks that make the process of reading more convenient?
  8. Discuss the superiority of digital dictionaries over print dictionaries.
  9. How can visually impaired readers benefit from the accessibility features of eBooks?
  10. Which one of the advantages of eBooks has caught your attention more than the others?
  11. Why are eBooks cost-effective?
  12. How is interoperability defined?

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