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English Essay 38: Going on a Diet

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Edited Version:
In the new millennium, personal health is becoming more and more problematic. Individuals forget about their own health issues, even if they are engaged in all issues except health matter all around the world. From medical perspectives, standard eating behaviours and regular exercises are the key to achieving health, and it is believed that a strict diet cannot help most people to reach their health-related purposes.
To begin with, dieticians believe that a diet by itself is one of the medically salient approaches for those who like to be in shape, but a strict diet may easily disturb the whole body balance and even the secretion of pretty small organs. For instance, after practicing this diet, sensitive organs such as bone marrow cannot tolerate the lack of vital minerals and vitamins for generating a sufficient amount of blood. This even cause some malignant diseases. Therefore, the body requires some natural and healthy food in all walks of life regularly so that all organs would be in harmony with each other as a healthy body.
A healthy lifestyle replete with regular exercises and constructive eating habits is a golden indicator to guarantee their health for all life and prevent individuals from becoming ill. Having a rhythmic twenty-minute walk, three times during a week and eating organic food full of fresh vegetables and fruits three to five times are a best policy I have ever learnt from some medical journals. In addition, people can add many other activities to their personal list that they have developed for not losing their attention to their health status when they are preoccupied with daily routines.
In conclusion, not only are doing regular physical exercises and eating good food appropriate substitute for going on a strict diet, but also a tight diet certainly disturbs the balance of the body entirely. 305

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