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Past Life and Decisions – English Question

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      1. You’re given this exceptional opportunity to go back in time to any previous point in your past life and change a particular decision you made. However, you’ll lose everything that has occurred to you since then. Is there a special time you would like to return to?
      2. If your answer is positive, would you like to retain the memory of the life you are giving up, although you could never restore it?
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      Farhang Hooshmand

      unfortunately I like any other human being made mistakes in my life. Some trifle and some with disastrous results. If I had the chance to go back in time undoubtedly I try to not make the same mistake. However, sometimes I told myself that making mistake is an inherent part of human being and sometimes these mistake- if we lesson from them- brighten our way and our mind not to make similar mistake in future and achieve our goals by not repeating them. So considering this point, I decided not to go back but go forward with determined mind to make brighter future.

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        This is a sign of optimism when you oft for looking forward and not backward, or focusing on your future rather than past. Congrats!
        * The first word of your sentence should be capitalized.
        * …, I would try not to make the same mistakes
        * … sometimes I tell myself that (use simple present tense)
        * making mistakes (plural)
        * if we take lessons from them
        * these mistakes

Viewing 1 reply thread
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