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Repose 1100 Words You Need Week 20 Day 2

Repose 1100 Words You Need

/rɪˈpəʊz/ (noun & verb)

Noun: a state of rest or relaxation, a state of inactivity, restfulness, sleep, ease, leisure, peace, stillness, tranquility

Verb: to rest or lie, take rest, relax, take it easy, stretch out, lounge, recline, lie down

So far in this book our self-regulatory pyramid has been in a state of repose, calmly snoozing away while investors are ripped off. But now you get a chance to see our regulators aroused, motivated, and in motion. The Mutual Fund Scandals, encompassing late trading, market timing, and allied forms of misconduct, are an area of endeavor about which our regulators have been as busy as a turkey farm in November, axes flying.

Source: The book, Wall Street Versus America: A Muckraking Look at the Thieves, Fakers, and …

Knowing that it would require some time to fill the water-skins, and seeing here many advantages for a resting-place, we agreed ; and seating ourselves under the shelter of a granite rock, took our evening meal, while Mohamed arranged the tent. We reposed peacefully upon the deep sand —a stupendous cliff hung fearfully over our frail tent—and mighty eagles, disturbed by the hushed and hollow sound of voices, sprang from their aeries on the topmost crag, and flapped their broad wings above our heads. No other sound broke the unearthly silence that reigned around : the Arabs, fearless of midnight plunderers or beasts of prey, ceased to watch ; and all alike were soon buried in profound slumber, till morning’s dawn Srst tipped with a dim light the summit of the lofty mountains.

Source: The book, Journal of a Tour Through Egypt, the Peninsula of Sinaï and the Holy Land in …

Antonym: activity

Noun: reposal, reposer


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