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Semantics Definition & Meaning from 601 Words

Semantics definition and meaning in real context in linguistics for advanced learners of English and students of linguistics. Improve your scientific vocabulary in context with images and practice listening and reading comprehension.

/sɪˈmæn.tɪks/ (noun)

Semantics definition

the scientific study of intended meaning and interpretations in a language, semantics also includes the study of symbols or logic in a social discourse


Semantics refers to the intricacies surrounding the meaning and interpretation of language (e.g. words, signs, and sentence structure.) Explore the deeper definition and examples of semantics, plus philosophical/technical issues such as literal meaning, figurative meaning, context, nuance, and signs.

Semantics means the meaning and interpretation of words, signs, and sentence structure. Semantics largely determine our reading comprehension, how we understand others, and even what decisions we make as a result of our interpretations. Semantics can also refer to the branch of study within linguistics that deals with language and how we understand meaning. This has been a particularly interesting field for philosophers as they debate the essence of meaning, how we build meaning, how we share meaning with others, and how meaning changes over time.

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Parts of speech

Adjective: semantic

Adverb: semantically

Noun: semanticist

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