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Session 10:

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Session NO.: #10
o Suggested Key Words: decision-making, , , making choices, etc.
o Developed by: “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”

1. How often do you consult others when it comes to making decisions?
2. What is the role of ‘’ in your life?
3. Do you think your destiny is shaped with your own hands (willpower) or it is determined for you by some supernatural sources of power, i.e. you are forced?
4. What do you do to raise the level of your consciousness at the time of decision making?
5. What do you do when you notice that the decision you have made is wrong?
Related Idioms & Expressions:
1. Snap vs. sound / judicious / conscious decisions
2. To have a voice / say in sth: to have a part in making a decision
3. To sleep on it: to postpone a decision until a later time while trying to give it some further thought
4. When it comes to the crunch: an important time when decisive decisions have to be made
5. The die is cast: an unchangeable decision has been made
6. To be at a crossroads: to have to make an important decision in life
7. To take the bull by the horns: to be at a crossroads
8. To hang fire: to delay making a decision

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