Session 9:

Session NO.: #9
o Suggested Key Words: fashion, stylishness, fashion-sensitivity, vogue, etc.
o Developed by: “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”

1. What is the level of your fashion-sensitivity?
2. Describe the mental characteristics of those who are so concerned with fashion.
3. What’s your opinion about ‘brand-loyalty’?
4. Can you be fashionable without spending so much money?
5. Compare and contrast those who are so deeply concerned with fashion and those who generally ignore fashion.
6. Do you think women are normally exploited by fashion industry?
7. While shopping, are you more concerned with fashion or the comfort and quality of the clothes you want to buy?
8. Have you ever tried to persuade or cajole others into imitating and following your own unique fashion of getting dressed (being creative) instead of blinding imitating fickle fashions?
9. Do you think too much fashion-sensitivity spoils your creativity?
Related Idioms & Expressions:
1. To be a la mode: to be fashionable
2. To be in / out: to be fashionable / unfashionable
3. Dressed to kill: overdressed
4. Dressed to the teeth: overdressed
5. The in-thing: stylish and fashionable

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