Arson Legal Terms in English in Real Context with Synonyms

Definition of Arson as a crime in real context with images and synonyms

Definition of Arson in real context with illustrations and synonyms from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam ideal for GRE candidates and advanced learners of English /ˈɑː.sən/ US /ˈɑːr-/ (noun) Definition the crime or offense of setting someone’s property on fire intentionally and destroy the property completely, pyromania, incineration, the crimeRead

Kindle GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Kindle GRE Vocabulary Flashcard at LELB Society

Kindle GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈkɪn.dļ/ (verb) to set fire to, cause a fire to start, spark, set on fire, light, set alight, burn, ignite – to generate strong feelings, inspire, encourage, excite, stimulate, arouse, stir up, awaken, provoke, promote, incite No campout or camping trip is complete without a campfire, especially when you’re using thatRead

Scorch 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 36

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Scorch 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 36 /skɔːtʃ/ (noun & verb) Verb: to burn slightly in a way that the natural color changes, dry up, char, brand, blacken, singe, discolor, mark, sear – to criticize someone severely, reprimand, lecture, reprove, reproach, castigate, flay Noun: burn, burning, scald, brand, blister, injury If you need to wearRead