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The Lion The Wolf and the Fox – Aesop’s Fable

The lion the wolf and the fox Aesop's fables for ESL learners with vocabulary practice

The lion the wolf and the fox is one of Aesop’s popular fables in English with a video and podcast. Practice reading comprehension and improve your vocabulary in real context with this symbolic story. Source of story: Gutenberg Project at www.gutenberg.org The Lion the Wolf and the Fox A lion, growing old, lay sick in his cave.…

The Eagle The Cat And The Wild Sow with Podcast & Flashcards

The eagle the cat and the wild sow with podcast and vocabulary practice for English learners

The Eagle The Cat And The Wild Sow for English learners with podcast and video and vocabulary practice in context. Read this English fable from Aesop and listen to any selected text. Source of story: Gutenberg Project at www.gutenberg.org The Eagle the Cat and the Wild Sow An eagle made her nest at the top of a…

Serpentine Meaning in Context from 601 Words

Serpentine meaning and synonyms in real context

Serpentine meaning and synonyms from the book 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with antonyms and illustrations for advanced learners of English. Practice listening and reading comprehension with the word, serpentine. /ˈsɜː.pən.taɪn/ (adj) Serpentine meaning twisting and curving like snakes, coiled, winding, bending, zigzag, indirect, circuitous, sinuous, roundabout, convoluted and complicated…

Machiavellian – English Flashcard for Machiavellian

Machiavellian - English Flashcard for Machiavellian - LELB Society

Machiavellian Machiavellian (adj)/ˌmæk.i.əˈvel.i.ən/ Definition using clever trickery to get what you want, esp in politics – cunning – tricky – amoral – unscrupulous – treacherous – deceitful – guileful – devious: Example He has achieved this level of success in business and entrepreneurship only by using Machiavellian plots. Antonyms honest Parts of speech Noun: Machiavellianism

Vulpine – English Terms about Animals

Vulpine - animal terms in English for ESL learners based on 601 Words You Need to Know in real content

Vulpine – English Terms about Animals for ESL learners in authentic and real content /’vəl-ˌpīn/ (adj) Definition relating to foxes or resembling them in appearance or behavior, characteristic or typical of foxes, canine, vixen – foxy and insidious, guileful, crafty, astute, shrewd, cunning, tricky, artful, crafty, wily, sly Example Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective…

Wily GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Wily GRE Vocabulary Flashcard at LELB Society

Wily GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈwaɪ.li/ (adj) clever and deceitful in getting what you want, crafty in deceiving people, cunning, sly, guileful, devious, shrewd, sneaky, astute, scheming, artful, tricky Compare Dahl’s portrayal of the fox, a noble and sympathetic creature, with another: licking his lips, eyes narrowed and thickly kohled beneath comic, angry eyebrows, often surrounded…

Guile GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Guile GRE Vocabulary flashcard at LELB Society

Guile GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /gaɪl/ (noun) trickery, deceit, chicanery, deviousness, cleverness, treachery, artifice, slyness, cunning, duplicity, astuteness, deceitfulness Other Supreme Court decisions have found nothing unconstitutional about police statements that misrepresent the real focus of the interrogation or distort the amount of incriminating evidence against the accused. Only if such trickery or guile takes place…

Crafty – English Flashcard for Crafty for IELTS

Crafty | English Flashcard for Crafty - LELB Society

Crafty Crafty (adj) /ˈkrɑːf.ti/ US /ˈkræf-/ good at deceiving others by playing tricks – cunning, sly, shrewd, astute, deceitful We cannot negotiate any contract with him because he’s such a crafty old devil. Antonym: forthright Noun: craftiness Adverb: craftily