Consecutive Definition in Context with Images

Consecutive definition in context with images and synonyms from the book, Vocabulary for the College-Bound Student. Learn the word, consecutive, in real short sentences with parts of speech and text-to-speech. /kənˈsek.jʊ.tɪv/ (adj) Consecutive definition (of numbers, events, etc.) following one after each other and without any interruption, following logical sequence, in succession, successive, repeated, uninterrupted, … Read more

Countermand Definition & Synonyms – 601 Words

Countermand definition and synonyms used in authentic or real context from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam for advanced learners of English. Improve your listening and reading comprehension with the word, countermand. /ˌkaʊn.təˈmɑːnd/ US /-ţɚˈmænd/ (verb) Countermand definition to change or revoke an order or fiat that has already … Read more

Hierarchy 601 Words You Need to Know

Hierarchy 601 Words You Need to Know /ˈhaɪə.rɑː.ki/ (noun) Definition the formal system of grading or ranking the individuals of a group based on the level of importance, echelon, gradation, scale, pecking order, order, ladder, chain of command, pyramid Examples In a 1943 paper titled “A Theory of Human Motivation,” American psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized … Read more

Imperative 1100 Words You Need Week 24 Day 2

Imperative 1100 Words You Need Imperative 1100 Words You Need /ɪmˈper.ə.tɪv/ (adj & noun) Adjective: extremely important and urgent, vital, necessary, forceful, mandatory, obligatory, compulsory, commanding, crucial, essential, authoritative, bossy, domineering, overbearing Noun: (grammar) a form of verb in order to give orders, necessity, obligation, compulsion 5 Reasons It’s Imperative to Attend Follow-Up Medical and … Read more

Mandate 1100 Words You Need Week 23 Day 4

Mandate 1100 Words You Need Mandate 1100 Words You Need /ˈmæn.deɪt/ (noun & verb) Mandate definition Noun: a command or an authoritative order, fiat, authority or permission to do something, directive, decree, dictate, instruction, obligation, support Verb: to assign territory, order something officially Mandate in context (CNN)House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that she believes … Read more