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Comatose – 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam - Comatose - Learn English Vocabulary in Context with Images at LELB Society

Comatose – 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam /ˈkəʊ.mə.təʊs/ (adj) Definition in a coma, unconscious, insensible – exhausted or extremely tired due to e.g. physical labor, inert, senseless, sluggish, lethargic, torpid, languid Example Many types of problems can cause a coma. Forty percent of comatose states result from drug poisoning. Certain…

Torpid – English Flashcard for Torpid with Synonyms

Torpid - English Flashcard - LELB Society

Torpid Torpid /ˈtɔː.pɪd/ (adj) lacking physical or mental energy, sluggish, lazy, languid, sleepy, dreamy, apathetic, stagnant, lethargic: Everyone has a torpid mind when they stay within their comfort zone. The moribund organization is recognizable by its torpid employees. Torpid people who act as a brake on any collaborative effort make me a nervous wreck. Antonyms: energetic, vivacious Noun: torpor: stupor,…

Lethargic – English Flashcard for Lethargic with Synonyms

lethargic LELB Society

Lethargic Lethargic: Adjective /ləˈθɑː.dʒɪk/ lacking in energy; feeling unwilling and unable to do anything, tired, phlegmatic, sluggish, weary, lackluster, languid, indolent, exhausted, lifeless: The obese teenager seems lethargic after eating so much food due to his voracious appetite. Afternoon is the time when everybody tends to be lethargic. Being old doesn’t necessarily mean to be lethargic. You should have stopped being lethargic because being lethargic is a harbinger of failure. She…

Indolent – English Flashcard for Indolent with Synonyms

indolent LELB Society

Indolent Indolent (Adj) /ˈɪn.dəl.ənt/ lazy; showing no real interest or effort, lethargic, sluggish, idle, slothful, apathetic, lax, torpid, languid: He felt too indolent to get out of bed last Friday. Don’t surrender to any sense of indolence. Otherwise, you’ll turn into quite an indolent person. Do you think that indolent people are smarter than ordinary ones? antonym: energetic Fre: indolente Fa: تنبل