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English Documentary on Koalas with Transcript

English Documentary on Koalas with Transcript, podcast and flashcards at LELB Society to practice English

English documentary on Koalas with transcript and illustrated flashcards to improve your reading and vocabulary, and an embedded video podcast to improve your listening comprehension Source of documentary: National Geographic YouTube Channel Watch this video on YouTube Koalas With fluffy ears, round heads and spoon-shaped noses, koalas are known for their lovable faces. But these sleepy, AustralianRead…

The Hare & the Tortoise – Learn English with Fairy Tales

The Hare and the tortoise as a great short story to practice English with podcast and flashcards at LELB Society

The Hare & the Tortoise The Hare & the Tortoise A Hare was making fun of the Tortoise one day for being so slow. Watch this video on YouTube “Do you ever get anywhere?” he asked with a mocking laugh. “Yes,” replied the Tortoise, “and I get there sooner than you think. I’ll run youRead…

Slothful – English Flashcard for Slothful with Synonyms

Slothful - English Flashcard - LELB Society

Slothful Slothful /ˈsləʊθ.fəl/ (adj) disliking any form of physical exertion, lazy, indolent, lethargic, phlegmatic, lifeless, slow, idle, sluggish, inactive, apathetic, languid: She wakes up her slothful son to walk. Slothful people usually tend to pick sedentary jobs. A well-earned rest is a sheer pleasure that cannot be witnessed by slothful people.Read more

Languid – English Flashcard for Languid with Synonyms

Languid - English Flashcard - LELB Society

Languid Languid /ˈlæŋ.gwɪd/ (adj) lacking enough energy, sluggish, phlegmatic, idle, lethargic, unhurried, relaxed, lax, leisurely, droopy, slothful: John responded to our call languidly after he had received some anesthetic drug. My father frowns upon languid people, and so do I.Read more

Indolent – English Flashcard for Indolent with Synonyms

indolent LELB Society

Indolent Indolent (Adj) /ˈɪn.dəl.ənt/ lazy; showing no real interest or effort, lethargic, sluggish, idle, slothful, apathetic, lax, torpid, languid: He felt too indolent to get out of bed last Friday. Don’t surrender to any sense of indolence. Otherwise, you’ll turn into quite an indolent person. Do you think that indolent people are smarter than ordinary ones? antonym: energetic Fre: indolente Fa: تنبلRead more

Idle – English Flashcard for Idle with Synonyms

idle LELB Society

Idle Idle: /ˈaɪ.dļ/ (Adj) 1. not working or being used: Children become too idle to go out for playing due to computer and mobile games. The propagation of idleness in every society is a serious malady which should be overcome by spreading public activities. Frankly speaking, I envy the idle rich who earn easy money and have an easy-peasy lifestyle. Half these factories now stand idle. 2. [before noun] withoutRead…