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English Essay 45: Testing New Products on Animals

Testing on Animals

The following essay is about testing new products on animals first, and then using them for humans. It is one of the most topics in the world. There are two sides for this issue; one side believes that it is the exploitation of animals, the other side protects the idea of testing new products to save mankind. I the latter.
Testing new products and drugs on animals has so many effects. First, it can help researchers to find cure and treatments for new illnesses without jeopardizing the valuable lives of people on purpose. Second, it has been advantages to animals, too. For instance, physicians and scientists have found so many cures and vaccines for numerous animals. , the of their life has increased. Last but not least; physicians and scientists cannot control humans as they can in response to animals. Because it is impossible to keep a person in laboratory to just test a suspicious and unfamiliar case on him or her. So, the best solution is animals that are humans.
However, the other group believe that it is unfair to misuse animals in order to test some unnecessary products. They have the right to . , humans must not allow themselves to make changes in animals’ life or hurt them. , this group have brought up the subject of human for killing the animals for their own advantage.
, both groups have their own reasons but in my idea it is necessary to some animals’ life in a limited number to save human beings, because we do not have any other . ( 276 words)

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