Abuse 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 33

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Abuse 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 33 /əˈbjuːz/ (noun & verb) Noun: offensive language or words addressing another person, insults, verbal abuse, invective, foul language – wrong or foul treatment, mistreatment, cruelty, maltreatment, misuse, violence, exploitation, taking advantage Verb: to treat someone badly or wrongly, maltreat, mistreat, misuse, injure, hurt – to talk to someoneRead

Exploit 1100 Words You Need Week 28 Day 1

Exploit 1100 words you need to know week 28 day 1 at LELB Society with flashcards for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS

Exploit 1100 Words You Need Exploit 1100 Words You Need Week 28 Day 1 with flashcards and text-to-speech and synonyms and antonyms and authentic materials for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS /ˈek.splɔɪt/ (noun & verb) verb: to get the most out of something, take advantage of someone, something or an opportunity, to use someone or somethingRead

IELTS Essay on Racial Discrimination for Band 4

IELTS Essay on racial discrimination with full essay and scoring at LELB Society

IELTS Essay on Racial Discrimination IELTS Essay on Racial Discrimination Topic Some people believe that compared to the past racial discrimination has largely diminished among humans, while others maintain that it has even increased. What is your opinion? Bring reasons to support your claim. Racial Discrimination The unjust treatment of different people on their raceRead

English Essay 45: Testing New Products on Animals

Topic: As public safety is of the highest importance, it is often necessary to test new products on animals. I is better for a few animals to suffer than for human life to be placed at risk by untested products. Instructions: Write a report for an educated non-specialist audience for or against the above. Essayist:Read

Conversation 43: Fashion

Conversation 43: Fashion Relevant Idioms, Proverbs, Expressions, or Quotations: Go out of fashion: stop being fashionable Fashion industry Fashion sensitive brand loyalty: loyalty to special brands of goods Vogue: mode Questions:  1. Is fashion the same as the exploitation of women? 2. To what specific degree are you supposed to be fashion-sensitive? 3. Why areRead