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Essay 15 on the Importance of Education in Society

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Topic: Education is the single most important factor in the development of each country. Discuss it.

Essayist: Akbar

In historical, humans learn any thinks and transfer for other person in order to better lives. However, development of any country form all time and place in basics thinks such as economy, political and society depend of education for all the people. I do agree with issue that education can be growth of all aspects of country for the following reasons:

First of all, education can be learning people in order to use the any thinks for the beast from. As example the high university education of biology and medical cases develops of public health. In other words, education of basic science like chemical and physics in history of any country lead to born new technology such as Nano at the moment that help for all aspects of the man live. Second of all, possess the power and develop economy, political and society for the all country depends of education for all the people. When we look at developed countries, like, Germany, Japan and so on, we can see memorable education systems in all level form them. The other hands, have a best education system has significant effect on people life in developed countries in comparison to third world countries.

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The significance of education in any society

Essayist: Taraneh

I strongly believe that education is not necessarily the only thing that a developed country needs. Surely I am not against the education, but education is not the single cure for developed country.
What about morality or behavior? Morality and humanity can heal our world, the things that are not written in books. The reason that some countries stay under developed is not lack of education. As you see, there are so many engineers and doctors in third world countries. On the other hand, lack of humanism, and sense of helping mankind is the reason for under developed countries. In addition, people should learn to be honest, trustworthy and not to be a cheater. In my idea, education can just show us how to solve the problems. As a result of education, a thief learns what the best way of stealing is, and a politician finds out what the best way of lying and cheating is. On the whole, there are so many factors that are more important than education for a country to be developed.

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The role of education in society

Essayist: Hajar

As a famous proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I firmly believe that education is a vital factors in the development of a country because it opens up job opportunities, brings up more talented individuals into the country, and improves our lifestyles. Nowadays, education enhances our skills and knowledge and keeps us abreast of the latest developments in the competitive world. To illustrate, an educated person who is more aware of the latest technologies and changes that are taking place in the world has more chances of finding jobs. Moreover, education improves the quality of human lives and leads to broader social benefits to individuals and the society such as better health conditions, the use of new technology, the progress of new innovations, etc. Furthermore, education raises people’s productivity and creativity and promotes entrepreneurship. In particular, education gives people the confidence to express their opinions. Hence education enables people to become self-sufficient and fully active members of their community. Last but not least, all people – not just privileged and gifted – require learning. So, government should be able to provide education for poor people and children with disabilities.

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Formal or university education

Essayist: Sasan

It goes without saying that flourishing is a high priority for every nation. As a matter of fact, a list of prerequisites could be enumerated for a country which wants to thrive. Some believe that education is at the top of the list, whereas others think that more prominent matters take precedence over education. Overall, I accord with the former view.

Multifarious points could endorse my vantage point. First and foremost, providing people with decent education would cultivate them appropriately, thereby uplifting the living standard. To put it in another way, under the influence of enough knowledge, not only the authorities but also the folks could learn how to handle their responsibilities to develop the nation. Consequently, education is the foundation of a thriving country.

On the contrary, some have conflicting perspectives. They believe that more indispensable factors have lain behind the progress of a nation. So, some items, which are more vital than education, had better be dealt with first.
To recapitulate, despite the fact that many factors could back up the development of a nation, the significance of education predominates others.

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Essayist: Sam

The key role of education in realising sustainable development is often ignored, underestimated or viewed in isolation from the other instruments of changes. It is agreed that education is mostly regarded as a major factor in making the world a safer and more peaceful place.

Education is the process of facilitating learning, knowledge, skills, values, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, or research. Education for sustainable development implies far more than those working outside any field often perceived by people. It offers a renewed vision for educational policies and practice in tune with the needs and issues of the status quo. The fundamental challenge is this: how can education more strongly impact on sustainable development – sustainable development be embedded at the heart of education and learning – so that there are both mutual benefit and accelerated positive effective ways, sufficient to win breakthrough towards an economically secure, ecologically and socially stable, into the future of every society.

For instance, education makes individuals confident and self-dependent, and helps people to keep up with the world, which is moving significantly fast. Hence, education is an important factor which contributes to be effectiveness in harmony and peace.

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