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Essay 3:

Topic: “The Negative Effects of Smoking on Human’s Health”
Type of Essay: Cause-and-Effect

Essayist: Taraneh


Smoking has been identified as the most important source of illness and death. Cigarette is dangerous for both smokers and people around it. It has at least 27 bad effects on body. Here I want to mention some of them. Smoking can make it harder for a woman to become pregnant, and increases the risk of low birth weight 20 to 30 percent. In addition, it can grow early delivery up to 14 percent. Smoking can also hurt men sperm in order to reduce the fertility.
Another obvious sign of smoking is in your skin. The substances in Tobacco make it discoloration. Smokers’ teeth gradually develop yellow and brown stain. Even holding cigarette for a long time between your fingers, make them brown. Smoking has an effect on insulin too. It can put you at increased risk of diabetes type 2. Smoking can also depressed appetite and make it hard for body to gain all kinds of nutrients. The last and the most important cause of smoking is the people who smoke, die 20 to 25 years earlier than nonsmokers. So why should us loose our life so worthlessly and uselessly? This life that is a gift to us and we should make the most out of it. (208 Words)

Essayist: Sam

Those negative effect has no end. Additionally, two pivotal and priceless organs such as heart and pulmonary, has been suffered. Heart as a hard-working organ can be damaged so that the rate of heart attack and heart-related diseases dramatically rose these days. It is well-known in every society in which the establishment does not pay enough attention to the prevention of smoking, especially amongst none-smoker and poor people. It is a time people might be cultivated in order to diminish the range of diseases. Smoke by itself destroy every single cell of every organ in particular lung cells. (98 Words)
Pulmonary disease is one of the disease of this new era. This almost always happen by smoking cigarette. Obviously, this wrong behaviour can bring enormous and irreparable damage on a flagella in the lung ducts and also every cells. That causes a lot of problems in exchanging an O2 between Blood and lung cells. Breathing becoming harder and harder even among the young while they require to be active physically. The bad noise easily can be heard during the exhalation or inhalation. The worst case is that this immoral behaviour is the door of new world where naïve people easily become addicted to other drugs and opium –rooted substances. (109 Words)

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    Dr. Hariri

    Would you rather be happy yet slow-witted and unimaginative, or unhappy yet bright and creative? For instance, would you rather live the life of a brilliant yet tortured artist, such as Vincent van Gogh, or that of a happy but carefree soul who is a bit simple-minded?

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    I prefer to challenge this question at first and bring up my viewpoint next.
    There are different successful people in the world who reached the apex through different procedures. Although some have faced torture to reach their goals, it does not mean we have to necessarily lose something in our life to climb the ladder of success. Anyway, I suppose the most enjoyable part of life is making progress and relying on your abilities to flourish and thrive. So, I personally go for intelligence and innovation rather than happiness along with naivety. Many people have lived an ordinary life so far and repeating this story can never excite me at all. We need to gain new adventurous experiences and foster our abilities so as to break out of comfort zone.

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