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Sedulous 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam

Sedulous 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam in authentic and real context with images, synonyms and antonyms for advanced learners of English with text-to-speech functionality to improve your listening comprehension


diligent, assiduous, extremely active and busy, scrupulous, meticulous, operose, zealous, attentive, industrious, conscientious, working persistently, keen, painstaking, workaholic, hard-working, careful


Although “workaholism” has been studied for nearly 45 years, today’s digital world really adds a new dimension to the concept of work addiction. Technology – like smartphones, laptops, and tablets – provides opportunities to work from anywhere anytime and for some sedulous people, that means working all the time. The ability to take work home blurs the line between work and leisure as many people feel compelled to continue working long past the official quitting time. Often, there’s an expectation that people will be available during evenings, weekends, and even vacations.

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lazy, indolent

Parts of speech

Noun: sedulousness

Noun: sedulity

Adverb: sedulously

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