Session 3:

Session NO.: #3
 Session Name: (A Fulfilling Relationship)
Topic: “What do you do when other people don’t like you?”
o Suggested Key Words: people skills, establishing rapport, interpersonal relationship, love, etc.
o Proposed by “Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl”


 Activities:
1. Season of Reason: Among the questions listed below, concentrate on Question “6”. Then in the atmosphere of your online classes (TeamSpeak Channel), go to the special room that specifies your position in response to that question (I agree or I disagree). Then working in groups or individually, attempt to come up with as many cogent reasons as possible to support your viewpoint in 5 minutes. Finally, come back to the Free Discussion Room to get into a heated argument with your classmates.
 Questions:
1. How much do you think you are dependent on being loved by others?
Free Discussion Handout
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2. How much do you get hurt or upset when you notice that others don’t like you?
3. If you love somebody (of the opposite sex) and that person does not love you in return, what do you do?
4. Do you believe that there is a subtle and fragile barrier between love and hate?
5. Do you think we have one-sided love, or love should necessarily be mutual or two-sided?
6. Do you believe in this quotation by William Shakespeare: “Love is blind”?
7. Falling in love is easy, but getting over it is backbreaking. What’s your point of view about this question?
 Quotations:
1. “When you act righteously with a clear conscience, even God will fall in love with you.” (Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl)
2. “Love is a bird, she need to fly. Let all your hurt inside of your die. You’re frozen, if your heart’s not open.” (Madonna, the song ‘Frozen’)
3. “If you just offer your body and not your heart, then you’re just a slut.” (Mohammad Hossein Hariri Asl)
 Related Idioms:
1. Think the world of sb: to love sb very much
2. To fall for sb: to fall in love with sb
3. All’s fair in love and war: Everything is accepted in extreme situations.

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