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Potential 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 3

possible LELB Society

Potential 1100 Words You Need Potential 1100 Words You Need /pəʊˈten.tʃəl/ (adj & noun) Adjective: possible and likely to happen when all the necessary conditions exist, hypothetical, conceivable, thinkable, imaginable, probable Noun: someone’s or something’s chance or ability to thrive and succeed, ability, capacity, possibility, likelihood, capability, aptitude Common types of potential energy include the…

Lottery – English Flashcard for Lottery for IELTS

Lottery | English Flashcard for Lottery - LELB Society

Lottery Lottery (noun) /ˈlɒt.ər.i/ US /ˈlɑː.ţɚ-/ a gambling game in which some numbered tickets are sold and some people are selected as the winners with prizes – a situation or activity that is dependent on chance or luck – bingo – risk – chance: He won the lottery the very first time he attended it.…

Results Section | Research Conduction

Research Conduction LELB Society

Results Results Section Start chapter 4 with restatement of the problem Use past tense to record what you found. The results are a straightforward description of your statistical or qualitative analyses and findings. In this stage, you should not elaborate on findings. Later on, (in Discussion section), you can go into the details. In Results…