Satiety 1100 Words You Need Week 41 Day 1

Satiety 1100 Words You Need Week 41 Day 1 /səˈtaɪətɪ/ (noun) the feeling or state of being sated, repleteness, satisfaction, satiation, repletion, fullness, excess, surfeit, capacity, overload, overindulgence, inundation, permeation, soaking, saturation, drenching, wetting, succulence If you’ve ever wondered why you fill up on a bowl of oatmeal but can eat three doughnuts before feeling … Read more

Potential 1100 Words You Need Week 22 Day 3

Potential 1100 Words You Need Potential 1100 Words You Need /pəʊˈten.tʃəl/ (adj & noun) Adjective: possible and likely to happen when all the necessary conditions exist, hypothetical, conceivable, thinkable, imaginable, probable Noun: someone’s or something’s chance or ability to thrive and succeed, ability, capacity, possibility, likelihood, capability, aptitude Common types of potential energy include the … Read more

Quantity – English Flashcard for Quantity for IELTS

Quantity Quantity (noun) /ˈkwɒn.tɪ.ti/ US /ˈkwɑːn.ţə.ţi/ the number of amount of something that could be measured, extent, capacity, amount, magnitude, value, measure, mass A large quantity of the students resort to cramming when it comes to final exams. Antonym: quality Verb: quantify Noun: quantification