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Trenchant 1100 Words You Need Week 20 Day 3

Trenchant 1100 Words You Need

Trenchant 1100 Words You Need

/ˈtren.tʃənt/ (adj)

expressed in a direct and incisive manner, expressing strong criticism and forceful opinions, straightforward, candid, to the point, cutting, sharp, biting, acerbic, severe, penetrating, forthright, caustic

In April 1989 a trenchant critic of Roger Douglas’s economic policies, Jim Anderton, resigned from the Labour Party and created the NewLabour Party to represent what he saw as the true spirit of the original Labour Party.

In the 1990 general election Anderton retained his Sydenham seat and NewLabour gained some support from disillusioned Labour voters, winning 5.16% of the overall vote. The following year NewLabour joined with the Greens and several other small parties to form the Alliance, a broad left-wing coalition.

Source: https://nzhistory.govt.nz/

Antonym: mild

Noun: trenchancy

Adverb: trenchantly

Farsi: برنده ،تيز،بران ،نافذ،قاطع ،قطعى ،سخت

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