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Essay 12 on Machine Translation & Language Learning

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Topic: Computers can translate all kinds of languages well. Do our children need to learn more languages in the future?

Essayist: Taraneh

Computers can translate all the languages well, but it can just translate text word by word, not a whole text perfectly. Therefore, it means that our children should learn foreign languages in order to understand how to use the technology or get the information they need through the internet. The reason is that all the manuals, leaflets, or first grade information on internet are in English, so they will understand the value of second or third language even more.

Children need to learn foreign languages to communicate with other people around the world and to be familiar to their lifestyles and cultures. Furthermore, if they learn other languages, they will find better and more jobs in future. Due to the fact that, nowadays, knowing some languages, like English or French, is the prerequisite for employers in some multinational companies. For this reason, they just hire bilingual employee and not monolingual ones. Besides, they can get some side jobs too. To be precise, they can work as translators or language teachers. In short, learning a second language is so important and computers cannot supersede the skill of speaking in another language.

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Essayist: Sasan

In recent years, the presence of modern computers has revolutionized people’s lives. One of the benefits of contemporary computers is relevant to the translation of texts. Although converting the language with the help of computers is beneficial, it should not attenuate children’s language learning.

Multifarious points could cast light on the importance of learning languages for children. First and foremost, language learning could sharpen children’s abilities. For instance, multitasking is an invaluable quality which could be fortified by linguistic development. Apart from that, most of the software programs which translate texts, are incapable of converting the language accurately, and the output could be ambiguous, and it means that heavy reliance upon applications could be counterproductive. Besides that, nowadays, children should be capable of taking advantage of the Internet to be enough up-to-date, and as a matter of fact mastering languages is a sine qua non for digging into the Internet. What is more, linguistic skills could be useful for the children’s future life, inasmuch as these skills are a step up the career ladder and can open lots of doors in their future jobs. Therefore, the ability of computers for converting languages ought not to put a damper on the children’s language learning.

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Essayist: Hajar

Computers can translate more languages than human, more to the point; these developments cannot reduce the importance of need for children to learn foreign languages. Computer programming cannot offer a true interpretation of translated languages because these program can only translate word by word and translation are not dynamic. In contrast, human understands the concept of language and human are able to translate a language perfectly with the language faculty. In addition, learning is a dynamic and innovative process and we need to forge a link between the roles and the concept recording to which the roles should be applied, so children are more accurate translators in comparison to machine.

Children can learn a foreign language for the benefit of their personal development. Firstly, learning languages improves their linguistic knowledge, so children learn more about cultures and the people around the world. On the contrary, computers can only translate text, but they cannot teach anyone about another culture. Moreover, learning another language gives children more opportunities to find an appropriate job. As a matter of fact nowadays, in globalization, business companies prefer multilingual staff because this skill makes them good multitaskers. As a result of these reasons, computers cannot replace the benefits associated with children learning a foreign language.

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Essayist: Sam

In the twenty first century, technology has significantly changed especially in computer science by means of high technology devices. Modern computers or smart phones are friendly like human language translators. It is widely believed that computers do not have enough translation flexibility on various occasions and long energy durability for children in particular outside home.

Beyond some progress in advanced computers, a much greater flexibility of high technology devices are not adequate for children’s need to become adjusted to their environment owing to inefficiency of language translator software in different places. For instance, children in their dissimilar school subjects or even disparate lives situations require to translate contrasting specialty in order to have a better mutual understanding amongst friends and the surroundings. Some different items might happen to children stochastically. Therefore they need to react promptly in a high level of intelligence in response to that occasion. The energy durability of electronic devices, nevertheless, is one of the greatest concerns for children. They are really eager to practice with their smart language translators as well as playing games progressively. Thus, children should learn foreign languages regarding indigenous environment and domestic curriculum as well, not distract them through some repulsive games.

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