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Essay 4 on Description of Mount Damavand in Iran

Published on August 22nd, 2015 | Last updated on May 18th, 2024 by | Category: IELTS Essay Writing Practice | 1 Comment on Essay 4 on Description of Mount Damavand in Iran | 120 Views | Reading Time: 4 minutes

Type of Essay: Descriptive

Topic: “Description of Mount Damavand”

Essayist: Taraneh

Nature is always fascinating for me. This article is about the highest potentially active volcano, in Iran, Middle East and also Asia. It’s in the middle of Alborz Range, and is located near Amol city in Mazandaran. The last year this peak has erupted was about 7300 years ago. For this reason it called inactive or dormant volcano or dead volcano. Without any doubt, conquering this peak is a dream for thousands of mountain climbers, all over the world.

pinnacle LELB Society

This photo represents spring time. The sky is pure blue with some clouds that are reached to the peak of Damavand. The peak is covered by permanently snow during the entire year. As it mentioned in Shahname, one of the biggest Iranian literature book that has been written by Firdausi, “Oh white giant with feet in chains”. As you can see, this peak always was a symbol of power and resistance during hard situations in Iranian classical poems.

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It has various eye-catching landscapes. It contains two northern and southern scopes that is a home to a huge range of flora and fauna. There have been identified 1100 kinds of plants and 264 animals’ species. Such as Alborz red sheep, wild goat, red deer, leopard and … that need legal protection if they are to remain.

Essayist: Sam

Although some species are being faded, some eco-worriers try to keep up some valuable attempt to preserve this natural and also national heritage. This should be prioritized by individuals and the Establishment simultaneously. It is imperative that this natural heritage is the priceless identity of Iran that it should be conserved by every single citizen wisely against those who are opportunistic towards nature and its resources. Due to damages which are almost always irreparable, some natural resources cannot renew themselves.

English Documentary on Volcanoes with flashcards for IELTS and TOEFL with a podcast and reading passage
English Documentary on Volcanoes

As a great tourist spot, in particular amongst mountaineers and eco-tourists, it can play a key role for attracting those people to Iran across the globe. It has lots of natural elements such as spectacular glacier, frizzed and ice covered waterfall, unique volcanic rocks, sulfur gas emission from infinitesimal holes which are released permanently, from the Damavand dormant volcano, and other extraordinary things. These features plus the height of Damavand make a strong sense of curiosity for conquering it promptly.

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  1. In response to Taraneh’s essay, I should add that the poet of your mentioned poem is NOT Ferdowsi, but Mohammad Taghi Bahar. Here is the first verse-line of this beautiful poem:
    ای دیو سپید پای در بند، ای گنبد گیتی ای دماوند

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