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Hoary GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Hoary GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

/ˈhɔː.ri/ (adj)


grayish and white in color indicating old age, gray-haired, silvery, antediluvian, elderly, venerable, aged, antique, stale, ancient, age-old – too ordinary or clichéd and therefore uninteresting, uneventful, commonplace, unimaginative, overused, boring, banal


While some women proudly sport a silver mane, many others face the arrival of new hoary hairs with dread. The good news if you fall into the latter category: Scientists are hard at work on how to prevent them. So, what do researchers know that you don’t?

1. Normal aging is the biggest culprit.
Okay, no surprise here. Dermatologists call this the 50-50-50 rule. “Fifty percent of the population has about 50% gray hair at age 50,” says Dr. Anthony Oro, professor of dermatology at Stanford University. And like skin, hair changes its texture with age, says Dr. Heather Woolery Lloyd, director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

2. Your ethnicity makes a difference.
Caucasians tend to go gray earlier — and redheads earliest of all. Then Asians. Then African-Americans. Scientists haven’t figured out why yet.



fresh, fledgling

Parts of speech

Noun: hoariness

Adverb: hoarily

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