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Impervious GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Impervious GRE Vocabulary Flashcard ɪmˈpɜː.vi.əs/ (adj) Definition describing a person who is not influenced or affected easily, untouched, insensitive, invulnerable, unaffected, insusceptible, indifferent, imperturbable, immune – impossible to penetrate, impenetrable, impassable, resistant, impermeable, hermetic, impregnable, watertight Example Make a splash! There is no weather that can make your children stay at home. See our wide

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2 comments on “Impervious GRE Vocabulary Flashcard”

    • Hi. Thanks for asking us your questions.
      Make a splash, in this specific context, means be open to take risks and go out on a picnic or pleasure trip even if the weather is not agreeable. That is, even if it is rainy or stormy, with our special raincoats, no water can pass through your body and make your body wet.
      Splash refers to the onomatope, or the natural echo of sound when drops of water hit a surface and make a special sound. Here it signifies that with our raincoats and water-proof clothes, make ready to hit the rain and combat it, because our clothes are water-proof.
      Another meaning of ‘make a splash’ is to become highly successful and grab so much public attention, which does NOT make sense in this context.

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