Insouciance Meaning in Context – 601 Words

Insouciance meaning in real context with synonyms and illustrations from the book, 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam. Learn vocabulary in context with images with the word, insouciance, and text-to-speech functionality. /ɪnˈsuː.si.əns/ (noun) Insouciance meaning a particular style of acting without any worry or anxiety, composure, carefree attitude or style, disinterest, … Read more

Nonchalant – Definition & Synonyms in Real Context with Images

Definition of Nonchalant in real context with synonyms, antonyms and illustrations for GRE candidates and advanced learners of English from 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass You exam /ˈnɒn.tʃəl.ənt/ US /ˌnɑːn.ʃəˈlɑːnt/ (adj) Definition casually cool and relaxed, casually calm, indifferent, unflappable, carefree, composed, imperturbable, unconcerned, disimpassioned, blasé, as cool as a cucumber Example … Read more

Impervious GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Impervious GRE Vocabulary Flashcard ɪmˈpɜː.vi.əs/ (adj) Definition describing a person who is not influenced or affected easily, untouched, insensitive, invulnerable, unaffected, insusceptible, indifferent, imperturbable, immune – impossible to penetrate, impenetrable, impassable, resistant, impermeable, hermetic, impregnable, watertight Example Make a splash! There is no weather that can make your children stay at home. See our wide … Read more

Stolid GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Stolid GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /ˈstɒl.ɪd/ (adj) Definition calm and imperturbable, unemotional, unexcitable, insensitive, cool, carefree, indifferent, apathetic, stoic, emotionless, phlegmatic, unresponsive, unconcerned, impassive, as cool as a cucumber, placid, dull Example The starting point of staying calm and sometimes stolid under pressure is for you to refuse to react automatically and unthinkingly. Instead, take a … Read more

Blithe GRE Vocabulary Flashcard

Definition of Blithe as a GRE Vocabulary Flashcard also found in 601 Words You Need to Know to Pass Your Exam with synonyms and illustrations and in real context for advanced learners of English /blaɪð/ (adj) Definition merry and worriless, joyful, gay, cheerful, indifferent, blissful, lighthearted, casual, unconcerned, joyous, carefree, uncaring, nonchalant, easygoing Example “I … Read more

Aloof 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 3

Aloof 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 3 Aloof 1100 Words You Need Week 43 Day 3 /əˈluːf/ (adj) unfriendly and distant, detached and unsociable, remote, unapproachable, formal, austere, unforthcoming, withdrawn, reserved, uncommunicative, standoffish, indifferent, cold, lofty Smile and make eye contact with others. This will help to prevent people from labeling you as … Read more

Blasé 1100 Words You Need Week 42 Day 1

Blasé 1100 Words You Need Week 42 Day 1 Blasé 1100 Words You Need Week 42 Day 1 /ˌblɑːˈzeɪ/ (adj) bored and unexcited due to overfamiliarity, indifferent, unconcerned, uncaring, nonchalant, apathetic, uninterested, unmoved, unimpressed, phlegmatic, unresponsive, laid back, cool, offhand Americans’ blasé and wishy-washy attitudes toward global warming may be related to the positive short-term … Read more

Keen GRE Vocabulary Flashcard for Keen

Keen GRE Vocabulary Flashcard Keen GRE Vocabulary Flashcard /kiːn/ (adj) very interested, eager or wanting (to do) something very much, fanatical, willing, desirous, dedicated, devoted, acute, canny, quick, enthusiastic, zealous, sharp, intense, deep, profound, ardent, sharp-edged, sensitive: They were very keen to start work as soon as possible. a keen north wind a keen sense … Read more

Phlegmatic – English Flashcard for Phlegmatic for IELTS

Phlegmatic Phlegmatic: Adjective /flegˈmæt.ɪk/ describes someone who tends not to get emotional or excited about things, lethargic, tired, weary, My boss is such a phlegmatic person that any attempt to impress him seems trivial in his eyes. As a footballer his great asset was his calm, phlegmatic manner. Antonym: nervous Adverb: phlegmatically