Learn Persian Online for All Levels and Goals

Learn Persian Online for all levels and goals

Learn Persian Online

If you plan to learn Persian online, we encourage you to attend our online classes on LELB Society. We hold both private and group classes to satisfy all of your educational needs and preferences.

Different Persian classes

  1. Online Persian classes for children
  2. Online Persian classes – elementary level
  3. Online Persian classes – intermediate Level
  4. Online Persian classes – advanced level

Classes curriculum

With regard to your special needs, we use the following Persian resources, materials and activities:

  1. Holding free discussion and conversation classes in Persian on challenging and useful topics
  2. Giving lectures in Persian and receiving our corrective feedback
  3. Essay writing in Persian and receiving our professional corrective feedback to learn Persian grammar in the most practical way
  4. Improving listening comprehension in Persian with the help of embedded podcasts and videos
  5. Improving reading comprehension by focusing on carefully selected materials from masterpieces of Persian literature
  6. Enriching your Persian vocabulary, expressions, idioms and proverbs in context and with many examples
  7. Practicing Persian grammar in context with examples
  8. Learning Persian with songs, poems, stories and games (especially for children)
  9. Kalila and Dimna: a series of fictional stories in Persian about animals with didactic messages, equivalent to Aesop’s Fables (especially for children)

Application for our Persian online classes

To join our Persian classes, download Discord and join our Discord server.

Our current online Persian teachers

  1. Dr. Hariri
  2. Hajar Aziz Zanjani

If you’re a native Persian speaker and would like to join LELB Society’s team as an online Persian teacher, first join LELB Society with one click, and then contact us. Please note that you can earn money independently for yourself by teaching Persian online. You can also publish your academic Persian articles on LELB Society under your own name to become a more well-known Persian teacher.

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