Valid 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 8

Valid 504 Absolutely Essential Words Lesson 8 with antonyms, synonyms and parts of speech for GRE, TOEFL & IELTS students in authentic context /ˈvæl.ɪd/ (adj) based on facts and reason, reasonable, sound, acceptable, bona fide, legitimate, tenable, justifiable, rational – according to the law, legal, having legal force, official, contractual, effective, in force By entering … Read more

Bona Fide – English Flashcard for Bona Fide for IELTS

Bona fide bona fide /ˌbəʊ.nəˈfaɪ.di/(adj) Bona fide definition genuine, authentic, true, real, valid, sincere and honest, legitimate, legal, (antonym: bogus) Example Any bona fide offers of help would be appreciated. The true bona fide prayer for rain always carries an umbrella with him/herself. Today, bona fide love is scarce and many prefer marrying into money.

Classroom Assessment | TESL Issues

Classroom Assessment Classroom Assessment According to Brookhart (2003), in classroom assessment, assessment and learning are integrated within the classroom. She sees this in terms of Vygotsky’s (1978) notion of the zone of proximal development, or that space between what the individual can accomplish independently and what he/she can do with assistance. Personal knowledge of the … Read more

Validity in Test Administration | TESL Issues

Validity Validity The two scholars who proposed the concept of validity were Cronbach and Meehl (1950s). Messick changed the way in which we understand validity. He described validity as: An integrated evaluative judgement of the degree to which empirical evidence and theoretical rationales support the adequacy and appropriateness of inferences and actions based on test … Read more

Reliability in Test Administration | TESL Issues

Reliability Reliability The key feature of this important trait requires the standardization of administration and tasks as well as scoring. Reliability is the consistency of test scores across facets of the test. Independent items or tasks in a single test should correlate with each other and the test-total score. That is, there is an assumption … Read more

Construct Validity | TESL Issues

Construct Validity Construct Validity In this type of validity, it is attempted to test psychologically real constructs that have an independent existence in the test taker, and that the test scores represent the degree of presence or absence of this very real property. In this response, Cronbach and Meehl (1955) state: This type of validity … Read more

Construct in Psychology | TESL Lessons

Construct in Psychology Construct is a term used in psychology to label underlying skills or attributes. A construct is an explanatory device, so-called because it is a theoretical construction about the nature of human behavior. In test development, the construct being assessed is defined before the test is developed; this is to make sure that … Read more